Wednesday, October 28, 2009

4 months

So this post is 2.5 weeks late.... better late than never, right?


Ok, I'm in shock that I have a kid who is 4 months old. It has gone so fast, and yet, it hasn't. He is up to so many things this month.

He officially can roll over from his back to his stomach. However, he hasn't quite figured out how to shimmy his arm out from under him. So he's there on his stomach, with one arm under him, and he just tries to kick or pushes off the ground with his feet. He loves to roll to his side though, because then he can get closer to his toys.

He has become extremely observant. He stares at all sorts of things. If it is colorful he wants to look at it, and lets me know if he doesn't get enough time to look at something.

He, of course, loves to be held, and has become quite the snuggler. Heavenly Father knew I wanted a baby who would snuggle... I just love those moments. When he gets up from his nap he's usually pretty happy, but likes to cuddle into my shoulder until he fully wakes up.... I LOVE IT!

He has really started to become a smiley kid. He smiles at everyone who talks to him. He laughs tons when we play with him. And one time my 4 year old nephew got him to really crack up. I mean he was full blown laughing. It was the funniest thing.

His legs are very strong, and he loves to stand. I kinda think he's getting interested in being able to move... but we still need more tummy time.

He also gets cranky if he doesn't get a good amount of floor time. I think he likes the chance to stretch and play. He also spins during this time. He's been doing that for a while, but I don't think I documented it last time.

He is strong enough to pull the pull string toy that is on his car seat... which is good, cuz we are about to take a road trip.

However, the little stinker went from sleeping 8-9 hours to sleeping 6-7 hours. So we tried a little rice cereal. It went way better than I thought it would. He kinda looked at us like, what the heck? But then after about 10 tries he swallowed some of it! It was all very exciting stuff. I was so proud. We did it twice so far, but he got really constipated, not sure if that was the rice or just what I ate. (I kinda think it was me) But we laid off for a bit, so that he could get it out. We'll probably start back up soon!

"I'm ready!"

"This is different."

"Take it out, take it out!"

When he is super cranky, the one thing that does calm him down is going outside to watch the dogs. They really love to chase each other around, and Reid tracks them, even when they are going pretty speedy. Since he is also learning to reach and grab things. We've been "teaching" him to pet the dogs. Last night was hilarious, he grabbed onto their hair and just hung on. Luckily near of them seemed to mind.

The most common thing I hear about him is, "He is such a happy baby!" I'm so grateful for Reid, I know we are so blessed to have him. And I'm grateful for his smiles, they bring so much joy to my life.

The official 4 month picture
(I was quite impressed with my photography skills)