Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baby 2: 3 and 4 Months Old

Weston @ 3 months
- Weston has started to giggle, specifically when you change his clothes.  I don't know what is so funny, but he just cracks up.
- He loves being tickled on his cheeks and neck.
- He loves it when he gets attention
- He will not sleep unless his arms are swaddled.  (That works ok for these cold months, we'll see how next summer goes.)
- Weston outgrew most of his 3 months clothes!  I can't believe I'm already putting 6 months clothes on this guy.  We compared pictures of Reid and Weston the other day, and Weston is definitely in bigger clothes in the pictures of the same age.

Weston @ 4 months

- He's gone 10 hours straight sleep multiple nights, but sometimes goes back to 7-8 hours, then back to 8-9 hours.
- He has really started responding to us, he loves to plays games.  If he makes a sound, and you make a sound, then he makes a sound, he starts to really smile for you.  If you start to tickle him, he'll giggle each time, then if he hears you laughing, he'll start giggling too, even if you aren't tickling him.
- He's a home body.  He doesn't sleep well out in public.  And is only ok if he can see mom. (wondering if the car seat cover is going to last much longer)
- He also loves the quietness of home.  When it is really noisy and chaotic, he can't seem to settle down at all.  From the time he was born he couldn't sleep with loud noises.  Some people claim you can train this out of them... but he has always been this way.
- Comments from others:
"Wow, he looks just like Reid"
"He sure looks like your family"
"Reid and Weston definitely look like brothers"
 .... Sure I hear the obligatory, he's cute, but he really is!
- He's a momma's boy.  Both my boys are which is tricky.
- Weston is eating 6 times a day, giving me "present" diapers once a week (but he's cranky if he goes that long), and still is spitting up a bunch (some days not so much, other days it never stops)
- He's adjusting to Reid noises.  He actually has calmed down a few times once Reid starts making a racket with his toys or stomping, but he seems to know when if there are strangers around making noise too
- Gives the BEST smiles when you go in to pick him up after sleeping, super open mouthed
- Starting sticking his tongue out.  I can decide if it feels funny or he's trying to be silly
It's cuter than this, I promise... still trying to get cute pic of it
Weight:  14lb 7.5oz  50%
Height:   25.5in 75%
Head:     41.5 cm  25-50%

Official 4 month pic (even though it was a couple days after)

Weston is a good and mostly predictable baby... I'm grateful for his spirit and I truly am so glad he's here, it sounds weird but I really think I missed him.  The more I get to know him, the more I wonder how I felt at home without him here.  He's such a comfort to my heart.  He loves Daddy and Reid too... he smiles for them almost anytime they want one.  We love you Weston!