Thursday, April 1, 2010

Does He Ever Cry?

So, I have this friend at church who's little girl seems so sad everytime she is at church. My friend promises that her little girl will happily lay on a blanket for long periods of time at home, but thinks that maybe she doesn't like being out in public.

Well, Reid is the exact opposite. If he's out in public, he's happier than ever. He knows just what to do to reel everyone in too. He gives them a big smile, then hides in my chest, then gives a big smile and hides in my chest. It's like he knows that if he doesn't just sit there and smile all the time, they will keep paying attention to him. Seriously, can he have manipulation down at 9 months?!

So I started thinking.... how much pre-wiring into their personalities do babies come with? I mean he's not even a year old (or my friend's baby isn't even 3 months old yet)! Do they really have a personality already? And if so, do they really know how to show it? Cuz let's face, they are still figuring out what this whole physical body thing is all about. Can they really be showing intravert and extravert tendencies at this age? I mean, I thought that was something you figure out once your an adult and you're forced to do teambuilding stuff at work... But maybe, it always was there.

So the other night, laying in bed, waiting to fall asleep, I started to wonder... If Reid is already showing extravert tendencies, what are the chances that he is going to be geek? I fear, not very good. I know I am an extravert, but let's face it, I'm the girl. Girls naturally talk more. When I was at BYU, there is only one major extravert I can think of, and his form of extravert was sitting in the back of the classroom heckle-ing the teacher and making up names for everyone based on their weird querks. (and how sad is it, that my "querk" was that I was THE blonde girl)

I digress... The most common thing we used to hear was "What a smiley baby!".. now all I hear is "Does he ever cry?" .. the answer to the question, is YES, he does cry, every day. At all the normal baby times, when he's hungry, tired, not being held, or when he doesn't have an audience.
But what really matters here people, is whether or not he is going to be a GEEK!