Friday, December 11, 2009

Made From Scratch

So, I did manage to be slightly home-maker-ish during this holiday season....

Even though we had a great Thanksgiving with family, we bought a little turkey breast and cooked it the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Two days later I decided I wanted to learn how to make Turkey soup. I've only ever had it once, and it was scrumptious! So I figured I could do it, right?

Matt's family had a Cream Chicken Noodle recipe that is really yummy. So I kinda merged that recipe and the one from allrecipes(dot)com. Pretty much, followed allrecipes(dot)com, but added 2 cans of Cream of Chicken and half a can of evaporated milk. And my friend Lindsey recommended cooking the noodles first so that they don't soak up all the broth. So I did half broth, half water to pre-cook the noodles.

Matt loved it! And he's been asking if I'll make it again! Hopefully, I can make it just as yummy next time!

My efforts:

The broth is done, one bowl is onions and the other is the bones that are cooling.

The final product!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

5 and 6 months

Well, 5 months came and went.

It was all about being propped up. He loved looking around from a different perspective. He also enjoyed his first Halloween and first vacation. On our vacation my friend mentioned we should try to put Reid to bed earlier, and after a couple days of him waking up in the night, it worked! He now happily sleeps 8-10 at night, and then eats for like 10 mins, and sleeps for another 1-3 hours. It is bliss! I actually get some sleep! However, it is hard because now I stay up late getting stuff done! haha.

Reid was getting slightly more mobile in his 5th month... but wasn't doing much about it. He could roll from his back to his stomach, but he had enough control to get 1 leg over but stay sideways on his shoulder, so he could go back to his back.
He started doing the hand to mouth with his toys... I knew I'd be fighting to keep things out of his mouth soon.

I got a view, I got my toy, I'm good!

Oh no, I lost it.

Almost there...

What the ?

Ah, nuts!

6 months...
has been about sitting up on our own, rolling both ways, and getting around. I can't tell you how many times he has escaped the blanket that we put him on. He mostly moves when he spins, but sometimes rolling (both from back to front and front to back) and leg kicking are assistants in the mobility.

He's been a real joy these last 2 months, his belly laugh is terrific and he always has a smile for mom. He has gotten to know Daddy better this month too, and loves him very much! Reid even prefers Dad to feed him cereal.

He is completely a hand to mouth boy. He lunges for whatever he wants to get his hands on. He even bonked his head on my laptop trying to escape my lap and suck on the keyboard.

We've also starting playing the pick-up game. He just loves learning all about gravity!

We've now tried Squash, Carrots, and Sweet Potatoes, he seems to love squash and sweet potatoes... but the carrots are not the favorite. He'll eat them, but puts up a fuss.

And just like his mother... he's going for the Eegee's. (yes, I gave him a tiny bit, it was cherry cider flavor, and he liked it, but isn't sure about the cold factor, yet)

Peek-a-boo is a favorite as well. But sometimes he plays it with us. If there is a blanket of any kind in his crib, he puts it over his face to sleep. I freaked out the first few times, but now I just know to go back and check on him and make sure he can get air.

Where's Reid?

There he is!