Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Moments that Melt Your Heart

So when Reid was born, I couldn't stop loving him. I would give him at least 100 kisses a day. I guess I still do, because this sweet little boy will be snuggling with me on the couch or somewhere, and will say "Mommy" and then pucker his lips, multiple times. I feel so special every time he wants to share his love with me.

One day I was trying to teach him to say I love you, and every time I asked him to say love, he would just pucker up his lips. I guess in his own way, he was saying I love you.

Every night before bed, he gets a kiss from mom and dad, and sometimes he needs more than one.... It is all I can do (with a growing belly) to lean over the crib and give him one last kiss.

Then today at church, a sweet lady behind us had an adorable quiet book full of zippers, velcro, buttons, etc that she kindly shared with us. One page had a train with two open pockets to slide something in to. One pocket had an apple, and another had a little girl doll figure. He put the apple in its place, and then brought the girl up for a kiss, put her in the pocket and said "night night". I immediately gave him a hug and loved him back, because sometimes you just can't resist the sweetness that a child has in their heart.