Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Good to Be a Kid Again

So Saturday night, I was in one of those funks, where nothing sounds fun, but you know you don't want to stay home.

So our friends invited us over to watch movies. I wasn't excited, but went along with it. And now, I'm so glad I did.

We went over, hung out ate a late dinner, cuz we were all too lazy to eat dinner before 8:30pm on a Saturday night... hahaha. Then us girls went out to get ice cream, cookies, Chex Mix, M&Ms, and Sour Patch kids. Then we sat down and watched The Golden Compass, and Vantage Point and totally veg'ed out. We stayed there until almost 2am. Both movies were pretty good, Golden Compass was harder to follow cuz we were tired and it was pouring outside (which was loud), and Vantage Point had a lot of dying in it, but nonetheless, they were enjoyable. But the part I loved, was that we just hung out the whole time... ate junk food, and felt like kids again!

Thanks for a great time!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Tomato Worth Talking To

Here is our first big RED Tomato. There are a few more on the plant, but we had to celebrate the first one. And it was yummy too!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Camp Bliss

Well, I survived Girls' Camp. 150 girls total, and I was in charge of 11 of them. The Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes.... he really made me remember what it's like at Girls' Camp and how much fun it is to be a teenager, even though you might drive your leaders nuts!

I really had a great time, and enjoyed spending time up on the mountain, despite the sore legs, lack of sleep, and constant shadows (a.k.a. my girls).

Here's our campsite decorations (we were The Aquamarines, but our movie them was The Little Mermaid)

Here's our campfire

And some of the beautiful sites