Monday, September 22, 2008

Something Fun We Did Last Month

My friend G from college came to visit us in August,... although friend from college doesn't quite explain it. Its more like sympathetic estrogen support / college companion (similar to a mission companion cuz of the 24/7 thing) / intellectual yet aethestic stimulus / and (last but not least) bathroom buddy all rolled into one.

Anyways, I digress, we had a wonderful day at the Air & Space Museum. This consists of over 300 planes, and also space exhibits. It is a pretty cool place to visit, but going with children makes everything more fun! See her blog for pictures. (I'm lazy, I know)

Afterwards, we went to Eegee's for lunch, its a local franchise known for its slushee drinks, mmmmm. There her son got a hot dog. And silly me, I sat next to him. Much too my surprise, he too wanted to share his hot dog with me! See this post. Continued to try to shove it off on me! Well, I was all practiced up, and pretty much had it down to where I could keep the hotdog on his serving plastic wrapper. But then he did not feel like eating. So we gave up.

That night, my friend brought his hot dog to the Mexican Restaurant for him to eat for dinner. Well, the kind friends that they are, they put themselves in between their children and Matt and myself. Well, dinner proceeded for the most part un-eventful because the tortilla chips seemed to entertain the children. Well, once that ran out. Not only did her son try to share his hot dog with me, he chucked it past his mother and it hit my leg and fell to the ground!

So, I now have accepted, when eating with children...

WARNING: May have hot dogs flying my direction!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trying Not to Be Those Crazy People Who Treat Their Dog Like a Human

... it's harder than I thought! I mean check her out! She's so cute.

She's 6 months old and has already stolen our hearts. We got her Monday afternoon from the Human Society just after she was spayed that day. She was very excited to see us, and to get in Matt's red truck. Then she squirmed the whole way home. She met the Broderick's and half the Hannah's the first night, and loved them all. During dinner she slept in between Matt's and my feet, it was so cute. She crashed pretty hard that night. She's had 2 accidents at the beginning, but otherwise house training is going well.

Welcome home Cleo!