Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby 2: 5 months going on 9

Where?  Where did this last month go?  He is growing so fast, and loving life that I just can't believe we are at the end of January!

- Weston is constantly rolling from his back to his tummy.  He has rolled from tummy to back a few times, but I'm assuming those were on accident, cuz lately he'll just lay on the floor face first screaming.

- He LOVE LOVE LOVES to be hung upside down, especially if you kiss his cheek and squeeze his legs at the same time.
- He loves when mom, dad, and Reid pay attention to him. Some strangers he likes, some not so much.
- He is not a bath boy.  Reid loved baths, but Weston has decided he's ok with them, but not loving it yet.  (I wonder if this is cuz I rarely have time to sit and play with him in the bath like I did with Reid)
- He has been the happiest boy.  He got easier all of the sudden.  It seems like he is more content now that he can play with toys and maneuver things a little more.
- He has started that hard stage of dropping naps.  Sometimes he sleeps in between every feeding and sometimes he's not tired at all.  It is mostly hard cuz it makes my day less predictable.
- At the beginning of the month he got really congested, I think he might have allergies here.  Every time we went outside his eyes would water and his nose would just run.  Well, I couldn't give him anything, so we brought the stroller in his room and he slept in that for a week.  The significance of this is that he now sleeps in his car seat... in PUBLIC!  My non-social homebody is finally doing better with sleeping in public and being happier in his car seat.  Halleluhah!
- He's already starting to grow out of some of the 6months clothes.  Bring on the 9 month clothes... this younger brother is gonna be the tall one!
- He rocks himself.  No really, if you put him on your knee, he'll kick his legs forward, then throws his back towards you, then kicks his legs, and then shifts his weight.  It really is comical.  But he keeps him happy for long times, so there really are worse things, right?
- We started solids!  We were eating rolls and he grabbed my hand and put it in his mouth and kinda sucked on it.  He seemed happy, so I broke off a tiny piece and gave it to him.  Oh man, he wanted more!  Then after acting hungry a few afternoons, I broke down and finally started the cereal.  So far he's had a little roll, a few puffs (not quite ready for these, had to break them in half), and oatmeal cereal (with formula for flavor).  He is definitely interested and hasn't rejected anything yet.

- The other day I tried to show Reid how Weston can't sit up on his own by placing him on the floor... well, he proved me wrong and sat there for like 8 seconds before toppling over.   I've started doing this more, and he's getting better and better. 
- Weston very much knows my face.  He lights up when I walk into his view.  I am surprised how special it makes me feel each and every time.
- He loves to jump and bounce and rough house.  He loves to be tossed in the air, or swung by a leg and arm, or spun around... all crazy things that a baby can handle.
- Weston is grabbing and reaching for toys, and gets frustrated when they don't stay when he knocks them.