Tuesday, March 24, 2009

As if Being Pregnant and Sick Wasn't Enough of a Party

So sorry I haven't posted (I haven't even been on facebook in the last couple weeks either), work has been crazy. We had some crazy deadlines and lots of work that needed to get done. So I basically was working constantly for 2 weeks. Which means long hours, and high stress... Really good things for your immune system, let alone your pregnant immune system.

Then I was surrounded by some people who were all getting over 'something'... and I think my body said, "I GIVE UP", and I got a cold. Of course the first day of my cold was my day off. My sister had all 3 boys home all week, cuz it was Spring Break. So we planned to spend a day together. We decided to take the boys swimming. (Gotta love this warm spring weather) Well, we had a great time swimming and floating and spinning and all sorts of fun. After an hour we were all starving and headed for lunch. We went back to my house to eat, and I felt terrible, cuz I just wanted to crash instead of still hanging out with them. But alas, I have a VERY understanding sister, and she ended our day of fun early. I crashed for a couple hours, and set my alarm so that I would be able to make Matt dinner.

Then that night, I spent many hours honking my nose, and trying to prop myself up so I could breathe out of my nose somewhat. However, I learned something very crucial that night:

Pregnancy = Being Uncomfortable
Head Cold = Congestion = Needing to sleep in abnormable positions
Pregnancy + Head Cold = NO SLEEP

Needless to say, it was a rough night.

So, I took Friday off to try and relax and get some rest so my body could recuperate. Well,.... that didn't happen.

Matt took our bigger dog to the vet cuz she had been limping for about a week, and we found out that she tore her ACL. (or the comparable ligament in a dog) So, now we get to spend the next 2 weeks trying to keep our dog down as much as possible until we get her brace for her leg. It just kills me, she LOVES going on walks, and LOVES going to the park, and everytime she hears another dog she starts to whimper. I think she's super lonely. But alas, it's like kids right? You gotta do what's best for them, not what they want. It's just hard, and then you add in the additional emotions with pregnancy, and my heart just breaks everytime she limps around! Poor thing!

So here it is 5 days later, and I still sound like a frog, and I'm trying to keep my dog down and relaxed, and the baby kicks me everytime I cough! haha! I really don't blame him. But man, will I ever get better?

Monday, March 2, 2009

What's In A Name?

Ok... so obviously names are part of the discussion at our house right now. And while we have some names we like, we are no where close to having picked one yet.

But I have a question about names. If you like a name, and the name comes from someone, are you automatically naming your child after that person? Or can it just be, I like that name and so I'm using it?

Let's just say hypothetically speaking of course....

That I liked a particular girl name. And I have only ever heard this particular girl name on a T.V. show. And while the girl on the T.V. show is beautiful, she is the VILLIAN on this show. Now, just imagine this show is not a very popular show, for instance it's only shown at random times on the basic channels, or only on (let's say for instance) the Sci-Fi channel at prime-time. Would it then be ok to use that name?

Would your child forever think that they are named after a T.V. show character? Is it so wrong to like a name off of a T.V. show? or even a current famous person's name? Are you evil for liking that name and naming your child after that? But it's not really naming the child after the person/character.... you just happen to like the name. Or by default are you naming the child after that person/character?

Now there are rules that are needed for naming. Many of them are covered here. Because seriously... I wonder if some people think before naming their child. But where do you draw the line on who/what your child is named after? or NOT named after as the case may be.

So I put it to you... what do you think as far as naming a child? Where do you draw the line?