Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby's Room Progress

So, Matt has done a lot of work on the baby's room. He got the chair rails and the crowning up. I got the bedding washed, and remade the baby bed.

We got some navy blue curtains for the inner window. And my parents graciously gave us their old rocking chair... still need to get a navy blue chair cover. :) (don't mind the mess next to it... still organizing)

Then we went and found these adorable decorations at the discount home decorating store.

It's turning out really great!

We're just about ready for him to come!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Dogs, Birds, and Lamaze

So, this week has been INSANE! Every night we have had something going on. Well, I'll just tell you about the interesting ones...

1) Wednesday night we started Lamaze class. Now I know some people think I'm crazy for being interesting in wanting to have this baby natural... but just hear me out.

Anytime I get a headache, or a discomfort... I deal with it, cuz its usually not that bad. I'm not a person to jump into taking medication. I think I was when I was little, and now I just don't like it. And, I have had pain that I would consider a 10 (you know when they ask you to state your pain level 1-10), mostly cuz I went into shock when I woke up from the surgery... I figure that counts as a 10. And I think that if I had been more aware and had known that pain would come, I could have dealt with it.

Also, a HUGE needle going into MY back? Need I say more?

And, I've heard some stories of the discomforts of an epidural: being stuck in 1 position, medication being too strong (can't tell when to push), medication not being strong enough, and not getting to eat afterwards! Bummer!

Now all of these are minor and can be dealt with... which is why I'm not dead-set against an epidural.... I just want to have another option. If I can do it without one, why not? Right?

Anyways, enough about that....
We also decided to do Lamaze cuz we're not sure what to expect, so might as well, take an education course that's geared to help me learn how to deal with the HUGE miracle my body will be performing.

So we started Lamaze class, and learned all sorts of cool things about the anatomy and how the body works. I learned in more detail what a contraction is, and how the muscle groups are working together to push the baby out. However, I have to say that the coolest thing I learned is that I'm having the Braxton-Hicks contractions! I HAD NO IDEA! hahaha! They just feel like the baby pushing on the outside of my uterus for a short time. But I learned if its a larger area than just 1 hand (or foot), its probably a Braxton-Hicks contraction. And, that this is the uterus's way of "working out" to "get in shape" for the actual labor. Isn't that fun?

I know some of you already knew, this, but I didn't and I think it's super cool! I'm thrilled to know that my body is already preparing for our little dude to come out!

2) Last night Matt was out visiting some people (doing his Home Teaching). And I had a committee meeting for my church responsibility (Activities) at our house. Well, our dogs get excited when people come over, so I put them outside. One person showed up, and we started chatting.

Well, after about 10 minutes of barking, Cleo wasn't calming down. So I went out there to see what her deal was. She wasn't barking at the back wall (like normal), she was barking at her crate.
I thought... hmm... that's weird. So I moved the crate.
And lo and behold I found a pigeon behind the crate. I thought well, if I let it go... NO! CLEO CAUGHT IT! AHHHH! OH dear, OH MY! (was about all I could think)
So I grabbed Cleo by the neck (of course she just happened to not have her collar on), and the bird gets away. But THEN Lightning gets the bird. And OH CRAP! What do I do now? Now I've got to hold Cleo with both hands at her shoulders to try and keep her contained (she's getting stronger, or I'm getting weaker, hmm?) ... I've got a pen and paper in my hand. So I release Cleo, grab Lightning's collar, and shove him inside, dump the pen and paper on the table, and go back out and grab Cleo and get her inside.

The poor visitor at my house was like, "WHAT is going on? Are you ok?!" Worried about ME, the pregnant lady!

Well, I tell her there's a bird outside, dying... cuz there was definite blood. So I look at her like... what do I do??? Well, she and I both know the humane thing to do. And we tried to... with a plastic bag over its head... But it DIDN'T DIE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!!!
Neither of us have the gumption to try again, so we scoop it into the bag and throw it away. We each said a little prayer in our hearts for the poor little bird and that the Lord will put it out of its misery soon.

That was HORRIBLE! I've never dealt with that! I never thought my dogs would actually CATCH a bird to torment. I know its normal, but it seriously disturbed me! Not to mention, I'm pregnant! And I can't handle things like this... physically (chasing dogs and birds around the yard) or emotionally (death... of any kind).

I know I am a disappointment to many... but I just couldn't do it! UGH! Give me a spider any day! But some small animal... woe is me!

Anyways, after having to head out to Stake Choir after my meeting and talking with Matt, he's fairly sure that it is dead by now. And whether or not that is true... I choose to believe that it of course died quickly in that plastic bag.

Either way, that was just a little TOO MUCH adventure for me! I'll stick to crocheting my baby afghan, thank you very much!