Monday, January 26, 2009

A Popcorn Factory, who knew?

So Matt is working with the boys in the church youth group, and he is in charge the combined youth activity tomorrow night (all ages 12-18). And they wanted popcorn for the night. Well, seeing as how our church building doesn't have any microwaves... they requested already popped popcorn.

Well, does anyone remember those HUGE bags of popcorn from Costco. I swear growing up, that they were at every swimmeet. And they charged like 50 cents for a bag. Well, NOT ANYMORE. I can't find the stinking bags anywhere.

We even braved Wal-Mart inspite of the concern that we would see someone we knew, and they would think we shopped there regularly. Yet we still had hopes of finding the larger portioned pre-popped popcorn. And were looking forward to a story to share, but alas, it was only filled with lots... and I mean lots of people, we were dodging them left and right and I was sticking out my gut as much as possible to hope for 'Beware of the pregnant woman path!' In fact it reminded me of the 'ants' in this shot.

So as left the Wal-Mart parking lot, we called my mom and she vaguely remembers this place with a 'bob' in the name. Bob's Popcorn or something. So she says, "Hang on, let me look in the yellow pages." (hahaha, gotta love that she didn't google it) and finds a place called Uncle Bob's Popcorn! Apparently they've been around since 1963, and pop all their corn in factory. So we could special order! Who knew that a popcorn factory would actually survive! It was awesome!

So now we have 4 lbs of their yummy Regular butter popcorn sitting on our kitchen table, waiting for the youth to devour it.

.... I hope they save me some, it smells really good!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Amazing...

How THIS....

can turn into this...

Yes that's right, I'm pregnant! And in 3 weeks we'll find out what we're having (we hope). We are very excited.

No, we haven't discussed names.

No, we aren't prepared.

And if you would like to submit advice on what to do/eat or where I can/cannot go... please submit at least 2 references with scientific proof of why your advice is valid.
(can you tell I'm tired of all the old wives tales I've heard in the last 3 weeks? haha)

And Sarah, so glad I'm not the only one who took pics of the pregnancy stick. I took the test early in the morning, and woke Matt up to a camera in his face! hahaha.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dogs, dogs, and ... Matt?

So the one thing I did remember to take pictures of this holiday season... was the dogs. They are so darn cute!

My 3 cute babies:

Its just cute how much they like each other.

My personal favorite was the sight of Matt's birthday breakfast! (thanks for helping make breakfast Brittney!)

A big event around here was Lightning getting his rabies shot! Because... that means he can get groomed!
I thought this would be a perfect blogging opportunity, so I wanted to take some before shots... here are some attempts:

Here are the successful before shots:

And here he is after his grooming appointment! It was worth it!


Ok, I swear we forgot our camera EVERYWHERE over the holidays. So we'll have to do more interesting posts later on, as we get the pictures from others.

Our holidays were good. We stayed here at home and bounced between both sets of families. (literally, almost every day for 2 weeks we were with one family or the other... it was crazy) I got not one single project done. Like filing, or cleaning out the fridge. Nothing!

Oh well, I'll leave you with Matt's graduation cake! I'm so proud of him. It was a long road, but he did it! He earned every bit of that degree, and I am just so proud of him for sticking with it, when he didn't always have the most understanding wife. He was even so sweet as to thank me during his little 'speech' each graduate was able to give at the college pre-commencement ceremonies. It truly meant so much to me.

Congrats Matt, you deserve it!