Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. While trying to remember how old I am, I found out that I am 10% younger than my wife today. As our ages incease, the difference between our ages compared to the total age will decrease. We'll grow closer together as we get older.

Y = (HerAge - MyAge) / HerAge

Monday, December 20, 2010

18 months already!

Length: 32.5 50-57%
Weight: 25lbs 15oz 50%
Head: 47 25-50%

He took his shots like a champ! Didn't even flinch on the first one. After the second he didn't like it. Thank goodness for good nurses who do the third one fast... and she said it was the stinging one. So then he got mad after that... but really, do ya blame him?

He's 50% across the board and has been his whole life. B
ut to us, Reid is far from average. I am still told how smily he is. He is quick to love others (he will hug complete strangers). He has the ability to turn a terrible day around with his infectious personality. He is very social, but has started being shy for the first 10 minutes in a new environment, but quickly warms up. Just recently he's started smiling when people say "Cheese", and Saturday he actually posed for the camera.

He also has the best giggle! He runs across the room, gives you this teasing look... so I start to go for him, and he runs at you to "get you" too! He's to tease and loves to pretend to give you something and then run away with it. Or when he knows he's not supposed to have it, he takes off running down the hall. He runs everywhere. And he's actually fast. I have to try to catch him.

He loves his cousins and loves playing with them and is just one of the boys when they get together.

He also loves to share. Whenever he is eating, he wants to share his food with everyone. Sometimes it is nice because it helps other kids who want his snack, but other times it is problematic.

One hilarious thing he does is screams goodbye - and I mean screams. And the best part is that we say bye to Daddy almost every day, and instead of "Bye Daddy!" it has become "Dye" ... or if you think of the humor of him screaming the word "die! die! die!" You'll giggle as much as we do.

His favorite show right now is Little Einsteins and asks for it by patting his hands on his belly. (if you've seen the show, you know they do a lot of patting) He knows all the actions to help Rocket blast off.

Reid is my cuddler and I love it! Sometimes we'll be sitting on the couch and he come over to sit right next to me, and put his hand on me. Sometimes he'll actually crawl on me lap and snuggle in. He also loves to snuggle before bed, he wraps his arms around me and holds me. One of my favorite things is that if Daddy is sitting on a bench or couch, Reid will climb up next to him and sit just like him, same position and everything. Then he is very proud of himself.

He'll drive cars all over the house, and makes great noises for them too.

Books have become a huge interest, both being read to and looking at them himself. You can just tell he is taking it all in. However, we now cannot bring books with animals or cars to church anymore because he makes the sounds and all the rows around us, just burst into laughter.

Reid loves his baths! I mean LOVES. He'll lay down completely on his back, or sprawl out on his stomach and dip his face in repeatedly. He splashes and squirts water everywhere. He sits at the faucet as the water comes out just to feel the pressure. He'll enjoy his baths thoroughly and it is usually mom who ends the bath, not him.

He loves the dogs. He will go up to either of them and pucker his lips (and in Lightning's case, squat down) so they can give him a kiss. He is sweet and pets them gently. He also feeds them. He'll grab their food, run up to them, place it on the ground in front of them and step back. He's very sweet about it. Also, Cleo will fight us for the ball, but when Reid walks over she drops it out of her mouth and he picks it up and throws it for her to go get. They definitely love each other.

He also puckers for mom and dad kisses. His pucker is him pressing his lips together, with the bottom lip out a little bit more than the top. His kisses heal all my tears or wounds. I like to think that mine do the same.... sometimes when I kiss his owie, he really does stop crying.

Reid knows all the signs to the songs "Popcorn Popping" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and is learning "Once there was a snow man" and the "Book of Mormon Stories" chorus.

Words he can say
hot, hi, bye, hyrum (hiiiieee), daddy, mom, mommy, shoes, dog, train (choo-choo), strawberry (taw-be), please (pea), up please (dup-pe), fish, m&m (um minum minum), this, that, keys, cheese, cheez-its (cheese-sis).
If he really wants something, he knows not to scream at me, but to say please. So he says, "pea mom" with the inflection much lower on the mom part. It works almost every time. (I'm such a sucker for him)

Knows signs for wash hands, wash face, food, brush teeth, comb hair, more, and done (eating). Although he has starting using done for being done in the car seat and being done with bath as well.

Animal sounds he can do:
cow, dog, lion, pig, cat, owl, horse, duck, monkey, bird, frog, he just surprised me by learning donkey the other day

But above all right now, he LOVES to scribble! He literally colors through the whole hour of church!

At this time in my life, I am very grateful for my blessings. I am grateful for the blessing of being a mom. I know that blessing is a challenge for some, and it has been a long arduous road for me as well. But now is the time I need to sit back and say thanks for that opportunity.

Reid, we love you very much and are ecstatic to have you in our family!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tonight's Conversation

Matt: "You'll only hear us say this once a year."
Leann: "Let's go to Wal-mart."
Reid: "Uh-oh... uh-oh... uh-oh..."

What did we buy? Starcraft II and hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer? Yeah, we went to Wal-mart.