Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 Recap

I saw a few friends do this, and loved the idea, so I decided to try to recap our year... so here it is:


January - Reid went through a horrible sleep schedule this month so I don't remember much. (Apparently, I didn't even blog) According to our calendar we did the usual church callings, family stuff, and I attended baby showers for friends.

February - Reid learned to crawl and got his first tooth! Girls' Camp prep was gearing up here for me, literally my calendar has meetings written all over it! Various family events pretty much filled up the rest of my time.

March - Got a new niece (who was born on the side of the road!). More camp, more baby showers, more family activities. Start thinking about trip to England. Started up New Nester's FHE. Thyroid ultrasound.

April - Girl's Camp Sleepover. Biopsy for my thyroid. Get taxes in (barely).

May - Finish up Girls' Camp Preparations. Attend an olympian's wedding reception (I just feel cool that I know someone who was in the Olympics!). Car break down on the way to the reception. A week later and $1500 later, our car works again. Visit with friends and family. Meet with thyroid surgeon and decide that surgery is a good option. Go swimming with Reid as much as possible before surgery.

June - Girls' Camp (yay!), post Girls's Camp meetings, etc; this also meant spending a WHOLE week away from Reid! It was hard but camp kept me busy and we had a wonderful week up there. Reid turned 1 the day I got home from camp, and we had a small family party. Square Dancing ward activity and surprisingly had a blast. Thyroid surgery: have more than half of my thyroid removed. Find out thyroid had cancer in it, so it was great that it was removed. Matt's job changed and is now based out of Austin, we start exploring the options of moving.

July - Spend 4th of July camping and fishing in the White Mountains with the in-laws (and I actually caught a couple fish!). Do lots of laundry! Whirlwind week long trip to England with a 1 year old, so great to see my parents! Thyroid check-up says that cancer should be completely cured, make no more plans to get the rest of it out. Starting swimming with Reid again (just no working out, cuz that stretches my neck).

August - Attend the temple and be the escort for a dear friend of ours. Spend 3 weeks recovering from the jet lag. Leann worked lots of extra over-time to cover for a co-worker. Get new renters, clean and paint our house.

September - Recover from the past 3 months. Start playing D&D with family. Baby shower, dinner with friends. Date night swap with Anderson's! (we went to Cheesecake Factory, yum!) Start making more decisive plans about moving to Austin.

October - Take a week off of work (due to August over-time). Celebrate Leann's birthday by spending time with my sister's family and then they took Reid for the night for us, while we got to go to Texas Roadhouse and then sleep in! Be in charge of ward Trunk or Treat. Spend a week and a half making Reid's Tow Mater costume (which we still don't have a picture of him wearing), but it was all in vain because Reid got a stomach bug for Halloween.

November - Craft Saturday, made these awesome wall hangings for our bedroom! Clothes shopping spree for me! A nice quiet Thanksgiving with the in-laws. Leann help out in nursery in church, so Reid got to go a month early!

December - Reid turn 18 months old! Leann set up plan with work to go on full leave of absence at the end of January. My grandmother's 90th birthday party. Reid get a fever the day before Christmas Eve. Reid then follow the fever by getting his molars on Christmas. Matt gets a mountain bike for Christmas, and we spent the rest of our Christmas break going on walk/rides (I push the stroller, he rides the bike, and we'd bring the dogs half the time). Matt's birthday dinner at Saffron. Gaslight with the family. Continue with plans to move to Austin.

I can't decide if I think my life is boring or not. It is what it is, I guess.