Monday, September 28, 2009

Just When I Thought It was Safe to Go Back to High School

So this weekend, we went to a high school football game to see my brother-in-law be official and stuff... he's the new assistant vice-principal.
And I was sitting there thinking, "man it is so nice to finally sit here, confident in my geekiness to not even care what everyone around me is thinking..."

Yeah, well, guess what!? I may have self confidence in who I am... but I still CAN'T walk!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are my cheeks really that fat?

Ok, so everyone tells me how much Reid looks like me. And I just can't help but wonder if I have fat cheeks. See Reid's pictures below.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

3 months

Well, since I'm doing a terrible job at writing in my journal, I'm using my blog to track Reid's moments:

Batting at toys
Grabbed a dish or two in mom's hands

Grabbing rings and toys (held on it his pacifier in his sleep for about a half hour, so cute!)

Loves to sing to songs with hand motions
Sleeping 8-9 hours at night

Doubled his birth weight

Chews/sucks on his fingers and thumbs

Too big for the head rest in his car seat
Goes down for sleep peacefully (after a very hard few days of letting him cry it out) (Except for when he's acting like he's teething... hahaha!)

Very ticklish

Sits up propped with pillows

Has taken a toy to his mouth after grabbing it (not sure if this was on accident, haven't seen it again)
Weighs 14 lbs+

Tries to sit up in his car seat (looks like he's doing little crunches)

He's growing fast! He's such a happy boy, but I'm wondering if he is indeed teething. He doesn't like to chew on the teething rings I have... but he does LOVE to chomp on my fingers.

You have to document these moments!

Too cute for words

Here is Reid's super cute church outfit. Yeah, the sweater is too big, and the label says 9 months, but eh, it still looks super cute. :)

His official 3 month picture!

Oh, and his chunki-ness moved to his arms.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So Reid is having a hard week... I'm not sure what it is, and of course the timing is wonderful, with me going back to work part-time next week.

So he was sleeping through the night and had sort of regular nap times... But then this weekend we had fun doing different things, and being productive... So his nap times got thrown off.

Anyways. Today he was so tired after eating at his normal late morning time... so I put him down an hour after eating (normally he goes for 1.5 hours or more before getting tired). Then he wakes up screaming with less than an hour of sleep (normally sleeps for 1.5-2 hours). I pick him up and he still doesn't calm down. Finally standing in the hallway looking at some pictures he starts to calm down. We leave that spot, and he's upset again. Eventually I did get him calmed down, but I had to hold him tight and keep walking or rocking him.

I checked his gums, and no signs of teeth yet. Could he be having bad dreams? What can you do for that?
I just wonder if its that, because he woke up in the middle of the night last night, and then cut his nap way short today. Then just now when I went to put him down, he was upset about it. Which he didn't used to do. Course, he's so exhausted cuz he's been awake for almost 4 straight hours, that he did crash pretty quickly. But could it be dreams? Or am I imagining it?