Saturday, December 8, 2012

No more Baby #2: 1 year old means Toddler time

Weston was 1 year old at the end of August.  Here is the post I wrote back then, but never quite finished: 

I can hardly believe it.  It flew by so fast. Regardless, I have slacked a little on the posting, so I need to write these things down before I forget.

Crawling - 7 mo 4 wk old
    He figured out how to get up on his hands and knees, then slow would do a couple crawl steps, then one day, he went more and more, and was across the room.  It was over at that point.

Teeth - 1st tooth 9 months old, 3 weeks later 2nd tooth.  The top two took their sweet time, they came in just shy of 11 months old.

Stairs - at 10 months old Mommy broke her arm, so we started practicing stairs because carrying him down the stairs was hard and scary.  By 11.5 months he had it down, just not reliably.  Now he's a pro.

Walking - 11.5 months he was taking 2 or 3 steps then sitting down.  I thought for sure he wouldn't walk by 1 because this was taking forever.  Well, we went on vacation and 1 week before his birthday he walked across Grandma's kitchen, and just kept going all night.

Talking - at 11 months, his big brother taught him the word "uh-oh" because Weston always throws his food on the floor and Reid always says "uh-oh".  It was cute, but I know it will become a game lately.  He still plays the game of making the same noises as you do and you both repeat it over and over.  He has starting saying "mamamamama" when he comes to me, so I know it's coming, but personally, I'm trying to teach him to stay "dada"

Weston is an absolute crack up.  If you give him any individual attention, he laughs... so LOUD.  It makes church hard, because I have to play with him and give attention but NOT too much or the whole room will know.

He thinks it's funny to shake his head no at anything.  He loves to have your nose rubbed into him while you are shaking your head, then he tries to do it back.  It's a fun game.

Now that he's walking, he's rarely holding still.  He loves to just go around and around the house.

Weston loves to sit on big furniture.  He'll sit on a couch and kinda squish and wiggle into it.  Making sure it's all comfy for him.

He loves the dogs, and is quite fascinated with them.  Sometimes he gives them a little too much love.

He's an expert diaper changing escaper.

Weston loves Reid.  They often wrestle and play.  Sometimes Weston will choose to follow Reid over me.  He's learned how to drive trains on their tracks and make car noises from his brother.  "Waaa waaa waaa"  It's hard to type, but it is cute.

8 months old - loving bean burritos!  (gotta have a food pic)

The magic of Daddy's lap, days before his 1st tooth broke through (almost 9 months old)

Can you see the water splashes?  He loves it!  (10 months old)
10 months old - trying to get monkey out of crib

11 months old, sadly is not documented well, it was all I could do to survive being a mom of two small kids with a recovering broken arm!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WESTON!  We sure love him, and are so grateful that we get to have him in our family.  He brings so much laughter and joy to my life!

Not so sure

Checking it out

Mmmm... I could get into this

Yup, I'm a fan!

Doing what I do best!... making a mess!

The clean up!  It was surprisingly hard to get the cake to wash down the tub.  :)

Weight: 20lbs  (10-25%)
Length:  30in  (50%)
Head Circ: 46cm  (50%)
(same percentages as Reid)

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