Monday, February 25, 2013


I realized I never really 'updated' about my arm.  It took about 3 full months to reach "clinically healed".  I'd been doing physical/occupational therapy for ~6 weeks over an 8 week period at that point.  The doctor was able to twist, turn, shake my arm and I had no pain.  The X-ray showed that my bone was starting to grow back.  He estimated a full recovery in about 6-7 months post injury.

As for me... I'm good.  I can do all daily routines again.  It took about 3 months for me to feel like I was back to normal.  However, carrying a child in my left arm and some things that require a lot of manipulation, pushing a stroller with just my left hand, are still hard.  Although, I can do them, just not for very long.  The scars are looking really good.

Mentally, I am still pretty freaked out.  I still can't carry Reid while walking without a little fear creepy up in my throat.  Weston, I can mostly carry, and walk just fine... but still no putting them on my shoulders!  And stairs, well, let's just say, between a broken leg 10 years ago, a super sprained foot 1.5 years ago due to stairs, and me having "small bones" I don't EVER rush down the stairs.  For me there is always time to take it slow.

About once a month, I still need to do a good rub on the scar tissue.  It's still building up and probably will for up to two years.  When the scar tissue builds up, I have more pain because the scar tissue pulls on my muscles/ligaments/tendons, etc.  So I just have to give myself a deep arm massage, and I'm mostly pain free again.

I was very surprised how hard the trial was, but I am so grateful for the love and support I've gotten.  I'm so very grateful for the recovery and our super cool bodies that are self-healing!

The Battle Scars:

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Camille said...

Oh wow that looks intense! So glad it has healed well and I hope you are also getting back and feet massages with the arm massages. Those seem critical to long term healing if you ask me. ;). I bet those three months were some if the longest! As a mom you feel like you need as extra hand/arm as is!!!