Friday, June 7, 2013

Do You Want Fries With That?


A few months ago:
"Mom, when is it my birthday?"
"Not for a long time."
"Mom, when is it my birthday?"
"No really, like a lot of days away, it's not worth asking."
"Mom, when is it my birthday?"
"Not until summer."
"Mom, when is it my birthday?"
"Not until after we go swimming, and don't ask until we do go swimming"
"Ohhh ok, so after we go swimming it will be my birthday?"  (mostly, we still had to review in there, but mostly the battles were much shorter)
"Do I get a cake?"
"Yes, what do you want your cake to be?"
"A hamburger."
"Ummmm, ok."

About a month ago:
We go swimming....
"Come on Reid, let's go make a birthday countdown chain."  (so that if he asks, I tell him to go count the chain)

He had fun taking a chain off each night, and got excited each time he got to a new color.

About a week ago:
"Hey Reid, what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?"
"A cheese burger."
"So you still want that, huh?"

Monday morning (party on Saturday):
"G - how hard do you think it is to make a hamburger birthday cake?  I've looked at it on pinterest and there are some ideas there."
"I think we could do it.... I can come help.  How's Friday?"  (and by help, she did it all!!!)

Today (Friday):
I woke up at 7am and baked 2 cake mixes, into 3 round cakes (2 confetti and 1 chocolate).
10am G shows up and we start to work.
Make a bun colored frosting and set aside some others for other colors.  And here's how it went.

Started with the flatter of the two confetti cakes, covered it completely with bun colored frosting.
Then drizzled red and yellow on just the sides.
Then we cut the rounded top off the chocolate layer cake, cuz well, meat isn't usually round on top.
Added the chocolate layer.  (we opted to not frost the chocolate layer because it gives a nice texture to the "meat patty")
After we added the chocolate layer, we filled in spots that needed more "ketchup and mustard".
Added red and brown (cocoa powder) to the yellow frosting and make the cheese color.  It was so realistic is kinda grossed me out to look at it.

Added ruffly green frosting for the lettuce.

For the tomatoes - we sorted the red fruit gummies out of this, flattened them, and stuck them around the edge.
To give the top bun a more lifted look, we actually covered the whole cake with green frosting and flattened gummies.

Added the second confetti cake layer.

Putting frosting on the top was tricky.
So we put wax paper pieces in between the gummy candy and the cake layer while we frosted the top. 
She had to get it mostly smooth and covered everywhere, then we removed the wax paper.

Then used water to smooth the top.

She did awesome... totally looks like a bun.

Added small white sprinkles to the top for the added touch.

It looks AWESOME and Reid really likes it and can't wait to eat it at his party tomorrow.    Thanks so much G!!!!!

Amid moving (just a couple miles away), Daddy going to be out of town 6 out of the next 8 weeks, and vacation in the middle of that.  I don't have time to do much for his birthday.  We're doing a really chill birthday party at the pool with watermelon, and you guessed it French fries  So this will be a fun way to remember his 4th birthday and I hope it feels like a special one for him, and he knows how much I absolute adore him!

Happy Birthday Reid!


Andrea McEntire said...

You are one talented lady! That cake looks pretty awesome.

Andrea McEntire said...

P.S. I'm not sure if you have gotten an invitation to my blog yet. I've sent it a few times, but for some reason it's being really lame. I'll keep trying, don't think I've forgotten you!